Nighty routine set

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JEVAN satin bonnet
Candy Nail | Shine & Protect Nail Lotion + GIFT “Nail Buffer

Introducing our Nightly Routine Set, a comprehensive beauty bundle crafted to elevate your evening self-care ritual and reveal a radiant morning glow. This set includes the luxurious JEVAN Satin Bonnet and the dynamic duo of Candy Nail | Shine & Protect Nail Lotion with the complimentary GIFT “Nail Buffer.”
Embrace the Nightly Routine Set as your go-to beauty regimen before bedtime.
JEVAN Satin Bonnet: Wrap your hair in luxury with the JEVAN Satin Bonnet. Designed to protect your tresses from dryness this satin bonnet is a nighttime essential. Let the bonnet become your nightly companion, preserving the moisture in your hair, and leaving it silkier and healthier with each morning.
Candy Nail | Shine & Protect Nail Lotion: Pamper your nails and cuticles with the Candy Nail | Shine & Protect Nail Lotion. Our premium blend is meticulously formulated to strengthen and hydrate, ensuring your nails look their absolute best. Whether you battle with brittle nails, dry cuticles, or simply want to maintain overall nail health, this formula is your perfect solution. The lotion absorbs effortlessly, leaving your nails with a radiant shine and your cuticles nourished.


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Nighty routine set
EGP380.00 Original price was: EGP380.00.EGP353.40Current price is: EGP353.40.