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Flax Max | Natural Flaxseed Gel


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Flax Max Gel is a natural flaxseed Gel for maximum curl definition. Crafted with a deeply nourishing blend of Flaxseed Gel and pure botanicals, this natural hair gel suits all hair types, providing the perfect solution for enhancing curls while hydrating your hair.

  • Suitable for all Hair Types
  • Maximum Curl Definition
  • No hair Frizziness
  • Nourishing Botanical Blend

Flaxseed Gel: Enhances curl definition and supports hair health.
Jojoba Oil: Adds moisture and imparts a natural shine.
Chamomile Extract: Soothes the scalp and enhances hair texture.
Ginseng Extract: Revitalizes and energizes the hair.
Gingko Extract: Brings antioxidant benefits for healthier hair.
Vitamin E: Provides additional antioxidant benefits.
Panthenol: Enhances hair elasticity and moisture retention.

Using Flax Max Natural Flaxseed Gel is a simple process :

Small Amount Application:
Take a small amount of the natural hair gel, rub it between your palms, and apply evenly from roots to ends to unlock maximum curl definition.
Sectioning for Precision:
For better control and styling precision, section your hair, ensuring an even distribution of the gel for flawless results.

Can Flax Max Gel be used on straight hair?
Absolutely! Flax Max Gel is versatile and suitable for all hair types, making it a great choice for those looking to enhance a control hair look without frizziness

Is Flax Max Gel suitable for daily use?
Yes, Flax Max Gel can be used daily for those who want to maintain and define their curls regularly.

Does Flax Max Gel leave a sticky residue?
No, Flax Max Gel is formulated to provide maximum curl definition without leaving a sticky residue, leaving your hair soft and manageable.

Can Flax Max Gel be used for protective styles?
Absolutely! Flax Max Gel is versatile and can be used for various styling purposes, including protective styles.

How should I store Flax Max Gel?
Store Flax Max Gel in a cool, dry place away from light to preserve its efficacy.

Are there any allergen concerns with Flax Max Gel?
If you experience allergies, it’s recommended to discontinue use. Always check the ingredient list for personal sensitivities.

Is it okay to apply Gel on my scalp?
No, it is not advisable. Gel are designed for the hair shaft and end, not the scalp. Applying Gel directly to the scalp may result in an oily or greasy feeling and could weigh down the hair near the roots.

6 reviews for Flax Max | Natural Flaxseed Gel

    August 19, 2023
    في الاول مكنش بيثبت الكيرلز كويس بس لما استخدمته مع الleave in الصح بجد حلو اوي وثبت شعري ل٦ ايام
    June 5, 2023
    THE BEST GEL .. this gel works so good it keeps my curls perfect for almost a whole week and it keeps my hair moisturizered and the bottle lasts a while.
    Rana Refaat
    April 1, 2023
    كنت خايفة فى الأول من فكرة أنة قومه سائل لكن بجد طلعت اكبر ميزة فية ، بيتوزع على الشعر كلة بسهوله جدا و الهولد بتاعه قوى جدا و مناسب جدا للمرحلة الانتقالية ❤️
    March 29, 2023
    حلو اوووى وبيخلى الكيرلى ثابت لفترة طويلة جدااا بجد بجد عجبنى اوى
    Radwa Elzahed
    March 27, 2023
    The gel is really light and it holds the curls up to several days ,in addition it smells really nice. Highly recommended♥️
    Fadia Saleh
    December 6, 2022
    I love it, I always apply it after 10 mins from styling and it keeps my hair with the same look for more than a day <3 I highly recommend it
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Flax Max | Natural Flaxseed Gel