JEVAN at she Can, The Power Of Her

The Power Of Her

I’m a woman, so I’m shining, loved, pretty, unique, confident, amazing,
and powerful, this is what should any woman feel about herself and this was the vibes in SheCan event
cause woman always supporting woman



Those vibes started with the feeling of the supporting words, People took pictures of them in our booth and also there was some activities like drawing caricatures by the artist Banan Khalil, who enlightened us in our booth for drawing people in a caricature image,
Caricaturists have wielded significant power with their pen, far more so than a writer ever could, and this had a great impact on people.

Every woman feels good when her hair looks good, so we decided to teach her a new style by the hairstylist Maria Armanyous.

Among our activities on that day, there was a little competition in that the people who attended the event entered a prize poll through a Cooperation with eight successful local brands to offer giveaways from their products in our booth, And the lucky ones of this poll: 10 people with 10 different prizes, special Thanks to those brands who trusted us.




Because she is always developing herself, We decided to be a part of this development by providing internships here in our company to help students and recent graduates gain experience in more than one field, while also helping People develop their own businesses through one-to-one consultation sessions with our founder.
                         Dr. Alaa Youssef 

The story ends here, but her evolution never ends, We were pleased to be a part of the She Can event, And we were even happier that we saw you; we are excited to participate in other events and be a part of this event again.

                                                     “The Power Of Her Never Ends”


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