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Lavender Detangler | Anti-Frizz Leave-In


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Lavender Detangler Leave In 280ML, is like magic for your hair! It’s a special formula made for wavy or curly hair that tends to detangle your hair and give your hair tons of moisture and shine.

  • Hair Detangling
  • Intensive Moisture
  • Styling for Wavy Hair
  • Suitable for Wavy Hair

Cocoa Butter: Makes your hair soft and luxurious.
Jojoba Oil: Keeps your hair moisturized
Carrot Oil: Adds extra nourishment and Prevent hair tangling
Vitamin B5: Keeps your hair elastic and moisturized.
Vitamin E: Nourish your hair

Using Lavender Detangler is easy:

1. Apply Lavender Detangler:
Put Lavender Detangler on your wet hair. Make sure to cover all your hair for a moisture-packed treatment.
2. Gentle Brushing:
Brush your hair with a wide comb or use your fingers to gently detangle and spread the treatment evenly.
3. Styling your hair:
Style your hair with the look you desire and keep it for long time hydrated and styled
Daily Use for Best Results:
you can use Lavender Detangler every day for super soft and shiny hair. It’s a simple way to keep your hair looking great.

Can I use Lavender Detangler every day?
Yes, you can! Lavender Detangler is made for everyday use. Use it daily for consistent anti-frizz moisture and enhanced shine.

Is Lavender Detangler okay for different hair types?
Absolutely! While it’s awesome for wavy or curly hair, Lavender Detangler works well for different hair types. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for moisture and shine.

How should I store Lavender Detangler? Keep it in a cool, dry place away from light. That way, it stays fresh and works its magic on your hair.

What does Lavender Detangler smell like?
Lavender Detangler has a calming lavender scent, making your hair routine a delightful experience.

Can I use Lavender Detangler on my kids’ hair?
Absolutely! Lavender Detangler is gentle and safe, making it perfect for both adults and kids with wavy or curly hair.

Are there any allergen concerns with Lavender Detangler?
If you experience allergies, it’s recommended to discontinue use. Always check the ingredient list for personal sensitivities.

Is it okay to apply leave-in conditioner on my scalp?
No, it is not advisable. Leave-in conditioners are designed for the hair shaft and end, not the scalp. Applying leave-in conditioner directly to the scalp may result in an oily or greasy feeling and could weigh down the hair near the roots.

9 reviews for Lavender Detangler | Anti-Frizz Leave-In

    May 18, 2024
    Tohfaa bgd so light weight keeps my hair moisturized for 5-6 days helps me in detangling since i have curly hair they just have to work a little on the odor
    October 18, 2023
    ترطيب كويس جدا وخلى شعري الهايش المتعصب علطول دا يهدى ويرجع لشكله الطبيعي تاني بينعم ويرجع الشعر لتمويجاته الطبيعية وريحته حلوة وثابتة
    May 14, 2023
    Lavender detangler is more than perfect it helps alot in detangling the hair without any damage leaving it soft and it smells more than nice
    April 8, 2023
    I have tried other products but i came back to the pinky milky leave-in conditioner . It’s moisturizing and leaves the hair with defined curls. Great for detangling and smells really good. Won’t be my last purchase.
    April 3, 2023
    I have fine curly hair that gets tangled so easily, but this product was the bestt detangler i used so farr and it makes it so much easier for me to comb my hair without it being painful. <3 I definitely recommend it.
    Suzy Wassef
    February 25, 2023
    الصراحه تحفه وخفيف على الشعر احسن منتج للكيرلى
    آية حمدي
    February 5, 2023
    تحفه وريحته تجنن
    Fadia Saleh
    December 6, 2022
    Smells Amazing <3
    Dina kamal
    November 5, 2022
    To7fa bgad aktar haga habeta l awlade byfol el tashabokkk bgad wahmeee❤️❤️❤️
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How To Use?

To use Lavender Detangler, follow these steps:
1. Shampoo your hair and make sure it’s wet.
2. Apply Lavender Detangler to your wet hair.
3. Brush your hair with a wide comb or by your fingers.
Lavender Detangler can be used daily for best results

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Lavender Detangler | Anti-Frizz Leave-In